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    Thinking about the medicine, electrical appliances, and expensive clothes flowing from Yen Hoai area, Lieutenant General Dao Gieng couldn't help but lick his lips. He also bought a set of household appliances to install at his headquarters such as air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, radios... The precision and sophistication of these devices amazed him, and the The comfort and convenience they brought amazed him. He has benefited so much that he cannot even imagine how he would live without these electrical appliances. Where do those land turtles get such high-end products, sold all over the world? Well, after capturing Huai'an, we must exploit this channel, then hold it ourselves, bring these high-end goods back to Japan to sell, if we sell 20 or 30 sets at will, the money What we earn will be enough for him. It will take forever!

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    Toshio Mashiko made a decisive decision: "Very well, we will immediately deploy the airborne landing, please keep our periphery alert!"

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    At Dai Phong port, the atmosphere became extremely solemn. Ozawa Ozawa immediately contacted Hitomi Shoichiro. Hitomi Shoichiro expressed that he would fully cooperate with Ozawa United's actions. The current situation is very strange, the Chinese 4th Army suddenly showed its strength and swallowed the entire regiment on the southern front. Just an hour later, their main force, the 10th Division, was suddenly mobilized to launch a rapid and fierce attack in Dafeng's direction. Within half an hour, nearly a hundred imperial soldiers were driven back to their homeland in Japan. The opponent's almost arrogant attitude of not paying any attention to the Japanese army angered the navy, which had always been at odds with the army. They vowed to give the 10th Division some color to see!

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Yes, fish are very precious. If you don't catch fish, how will you get money to buy weapons?"

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    Jiang Gong has nothing to do, the weak country opposes the strong country, the effect is like a brain-dead country proposing to permanently abolish the five veto powers with one vote at the United Nations, is it useful? Furthermore, the current international situation does not allow him to get involved in the issue of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia border area. If he wants to throw it, then throw it first.

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    One officer humorously said with regret: "If I had known sooner, I would have asked for a few cars. Having a few cars would have made transporting food much more convenient...".

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    Tran Kien Phong was about to go crazy. He went to the balcony, took out his cell phone and dialed a number asking the Nanjing Military Region to send troops. Something serious had happened. Xue Jianqiang felt that this kid was just making a fuss, some piece of art, so he was very worried. At this time, there was a knock on the door. He went to open it. The plump figure of the homeowner appeared at the door. As soon as he saw him, he immediately said: "Xue Jianqiang, please pay the rent, water and electricity!"

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    Ma Jie took a sip of coffee and said, "It's a little trick, just wait." This time she finally got a little more serious, and quickly pressed her fingers on the buttons, and a series of numbers and letters appeared on the screen. After stroking, the speed made Sophie gasp, she couldn't imagine a person's hands could be that fast! But even so, it took Ma Jie more than two minutes to successfully enter the entire calculation problem, then click the equal sign.

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    In one word, everyone climbed over the waterfall, walked several miles of mountain road, and finally came to a fence. During this period of time, Zhan Lei tried his best to invite Xue Min and Sophie to join the group, he said that he was very strong, had more than twenty younger brothers and had a lot of guns and bullets, if Xue Min and Sophie join the group, they will definitely not be damaged, they are the fifth and sixth masters. Sophie wasn't interested in this, but Xue Min really liked being a female thief. Leading more than a dozen male students to smash, destroy, and plunder also felt pretty cool! But this dilapidated fence gave her a heavy blow. In such a dilapidated place, the slums are better than here, right? It's terrible, staying in this place will kill you!

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    Sophie was confused: "Who is your sister-in-law?"

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    The brigade commander was stunned for a moment, then suddenly let out a loud cry and burst into tears.

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    At the forefront are three 2-wheel cannons, 100mm high-pressure smoothbore guns with amazing power, three pairs of wheels that rotate quickly, running very luxuriously. This is the first wheeled assault gun installed in large numbers in China, developed in 1997, approved by the General Department of Ordnance for design and completed at the end of 2001, starting production. Mass produced in 2002, equipping many military units. region. The Type 02 assault gun is cheap, has reliable features, has strong mobility, has strong firepower, and a 100 mm high-pressure smoothbore gun is capable of penetrating the frontal armor of all second generation tanks, although it is not front force of third generation tanks. generation of tanks, it is used to destroy concrete fortifications and destroy buildings very conveniently, and can provide strong fire support for infantry, so it is very popular with the People's Liberation Army. However, with the entry of the more advanced Type 09 wheeled assault gun, the Type 02 also began to retire, who makes the Type 09 more advanced than it? So cheap, some weird bargain guy bought six for 800,000 each and now he's using them because wheeled assault guns are better than tanks. It's more controlled, basically Anyone who can drive a car will drive it. Although there aren't many people who can drive cars in the New Fourth Army, it's necessary to find a group of people to play with these assault guns, what a joke!

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    Ilyushenko said: "Of course I know it's silk stockings! The question is how did silk stockings appear here? This is a luxury product!"

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    Xue Jianqiang rolled his eyes: “Damn, you really gave me a good idea… Wait a minute, cannon!?” The round head carrying two 57mm anti-aircraft gun barrels stood in front of the base gate. Appearing, he slapped his head and asked Lao Kuang: "Well, do you have a Type 80 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun?"

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    Tiet Man smiled and said: "No, don't come looking for us first. I'm so happy in the bandit cave right now. If you come, I'll be fine!"

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    Xue Jianqiang shook his head: "I don't need to go there. Many things cannot be clearly explained by telegram. For example, the fortress fortification must be pointed out by me personally... Don't worry, l They will immediately repair the fortifications. "When you return, you will definitely not take risks on the front lines."

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    Minister Chen silently cursed in his heart. It's all because that bastard Xue Jianqiang said he wanted to enrich the resources in the base area and bought whatever he could get, not by piece but by car, and ended up accidentally buying a box long socks... Seeing this, the revolutionary veterans playing the game were dumbfounded. What is the basis of this usefulness? Sell it? It is estimated that it does not have much of a market, this is a luxury product, who can buy it except the wives of officials and ladies? Xue Jianqiang didn't care about this: "Sell as much as you can. If you can't sell it, burn it. Anyway, it's not worth much..." These people are quite knowledgeable and can recognize silk. socks at a glance, but how can he explain them to them? Is it possible to tell them that it fell from the sky?

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    “By the way, have you learned how to make phone calls?” Xue Min suddenly asked as she entered the shopping mall.

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    Sophie thought for a moment, then shook her head: "No..." Then she looked at Tiet Man expectantly and cautiously asked: "You will definitely use it, right?"

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    It must be said that in the mountains there are many edible things, such as mushrooms, as long as you look closely, there are a lot of them. Xue Min found a bunch of mushrooms without much effort, but he didn't dare to do it because the color of the mushrooms was too bright. Sophie ran over, the two of them stared at the small mushroom, after a while, Tiet Man swallowed it and asked: "Is this okay to eat?"

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    The major hissed: "Why didn't you tell us that the Chinese army had such powerful anti-aircraft firepower? Why!" At this moment, he lost control of his emotions, waved his arms and roared: "According to the information provided sir, the Chinese army With only light equipment, our army can easily destroy them, but... when we launched an attack, what greeted us were a barrage of anti-aircraft machine guns and over a hundred light machine guns, and a dozen or so strange weapons with shells that could can chase our plane! Why didn't you tell us this? Why!?” Seeing that he was about to lose control, his comrades rushed to wrap their arms around him and pulled him back to the dormitory. The Major tried his best, roaring: "Four transport planes, four bombers! A total of eight planes were shot down before they could react! There were still many paratroopers, they were still in the air, and heavy bullets swept over them, along with their parachutes. Smash into pieces! More than half of Shounan-kun's troops were killed or wounded before they hit the ground, sir, why does your information have such a fatal flaw? Why!! !”

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    Xue Jianqiang was stunned: "Is it serious!?"

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    After traveling through space and time several times, he has mastered a few rules: In theory, this time and space shuttle is similar to a fixed-time shuttle bus, the starting and ending points are the same. It's up to him to decide, Anhui, but if you Activate the wormhole in Huai'an, you will definitely return to Huai'an in the end, which also means that if you want to place items there, you must first go there and release the wormhole, otherwise there would be no way to transport them... Sigh, what a hassle.

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    Lao Kuang looked unhappy: "Stop talking, vt-4 exports are not going well. We have almost reduced the price. We want to make a small profit but sell more, then make a little profit from maintenance After all the logistics and upgrades, it still doesn't work. It's easy to get a few customers. I also had the intention of buying it, but the German guy interrupted! The most annoying thing is that there's a welding stick that jumps out and causes trouble, selling k2 tanks as trash. their trash all over the world, Damn it, don't even look at what it is!”