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    We cannot give a very certain answer. Keles immediately said, her face a little red, obviously she was thinking urgently now, afraid that she would directly give Vuong Han a hole, "I can only say If I have learned the racial talent of the golden race and the golden race's main rules for settling down and living, then I would start with the basic guards and get used to some things in the interstellar world, or if my side is more confident , It is very important to go see those giant beasts in the sea of stars and understand a little in advance... Then, in fact, I think Mr. Wang Han should learn from the talents of other groups.. Don't use the outside talent of the golden clan... otherwise it's really a bit scary, and a lot of trouble will arise, unless things really reach an impossible level, then only use.. ."

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    It won't happen... Keles said seriously: "Just like everyone else, every day have a little entertainment, then learn more knowledge, help our group go further, we also have a commitment." bound to us by the group spirit. Once the group spirit is gone, we can only become homeless. Of course, we don't need to think about the things in life, after enjoying so much. much, we will pay more attention to individual's awareness of values, so compared to some backward groups that seem to work hard, our groups will have a higher consciousness.”

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    Or to put it more simply, in the eyes of the golden group, these 28 people in their hearts have exactly the same status as the saint group. Although they appear to be undercover on the outside, in reality, they are both children. Ants, but one may be a mosquito, one may be a fly, currently unable to penetrate the super nest, it is an equal, killing it will take less than 1 second.

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    It's been a month since Vuong Han arrived at the ancestral holy capital. To these ancestors, it was like the blink of an eye. Vuong Han didn't know how many times he had seen a slightly older old man, just Quang. The school stood on the ground looking straight for several days, in front of them were two people squirming together. Although Vuong Han himself did not understand how elegant this dance was, relatively speaking, everyone was there. This place is clearly completely adapted to this extremely slow-paced life, people can eat enough for two days. Everything was prolonged dozens of times. Vuong Han, a monk who had just started, was stunned for a long time and was not used to it. Of course, he didn't just scold him for being an arrow...he can't relax.

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    Thinking of this, Vuong Han boldly made a guess: "I am constantly heading towards the place with the strong smell. If I go the opposite way, then I have every reason to believe that I am in a place far away from the source of the smell. ." breath There are no planets left, they have contributed all the breath, and that area will be a true deep space... There is no life, and only countless corpses and countless corpses dead floating in a sea of stars. sad. As for the spirit's residence, it was a relatively prosperous area, and the location of the Spirit was closer to the source of the breath. As for the prosperity of the entire galactic system, from the present time On, they are like tribes that rely on a river for survival, the more there are, the greater the death rate! These people of course do not know the characteristics of the circulating breath. It can only be said that their subconscious has saved itself and they have found a suitable living area.

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    The tone was very mischievous, like a child playing hide and seek, but the moment this body fell from the air with a bang, the entire human city fell into extreme fear and panic. Some people who were still immersed in all sorts of delusions and unable to free themselves suddenly looked out the window, a cloud of dust and smoke rushed straight into their faces, there was more than one such monster, it was the biggest one, besides There were also a few small and fast things falling from the sky one after another. Their physiques were not as good as this monster, but Li Shizong could see that one of the monsters was turning into a shooting star with The speed of terror. for them!

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    As for the way to enter the Maya group system, it's very simple. You just need to directly give money and 1 million breath points to participate directly. There will be no complications. Moreover, Vuong Han currently has 100 points. million on hand. Even though this million is not a small amount of money, he is still willing to nurture his first woman. He can't wait to watch this woman be left behind over and over again by him. so that in the end the lines are completely invisible.

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    And when Wang Han and Mengmeng returned to Feng Shuyi and the others' house, they were caught by Uncle Ross as soon as they appeared. The middle-aged man in Wang Han's eyes had passed so many years, and he we are still the same. Handsome appearance, it seems that at that time it was based on the premise of hurting everyone, just ignoring him, this is the natural advantage that a handsome uncle will have? As for Sac Vi, he didn't immediately discover who the person in front of him was, but when he returned from outside, he was just about to invite Nuo Qianjin upstairs to come down to eat, when he saw someone inside. living room. A person sat there majestically. Right after that, just as he was frowning and thinking, about to ask Vuong Han what he was doing, the person on the sofa in front of him immediately disappeared, everything was like a ghost, as if it did not exist. at all.

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    And now, after regaining consciousness, he was floating in the sea of stars, watching the spaceship disappear in front of him, he had doubts, "What can I do... Now I'm in control. “This method is because I have no way to fight this kind of thing.” After deeply knowing the horror of this kind of thing, Wang Han saw a situation where many formations were destroyed in one situation. At first it was really a bit exaggerated, who could withstand this completely overwhelming and punishing blow! However, this has not been completed yet. According to Wang Han's original plan, if this time succeeds, he will upgrade the affinity attribute within the elemental talent, because the elemental talent can Inborn compatibility with any other natural talent cover. All soul traps are covered by the affinity of the elemental talent, so once they approach the soul trap, the soul trap will be directly bound to the opponent's emblem... It belongs to the type that can't even run away, directly It can help the small ball of light breath achieve precise attack and destruction in the opponent's soul!

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    "Aren't we doing this too quickly? I haven't accepted it yet, I haven't prepared myself yet."

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    "Oh, I don't know." Vuong Han looked as if you had nothing to do with me, then Trinh Noan continued angrily: "Did you find out that I'm not a member of the golden group?"

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    All of them are people who come to learn the talents of the fairies! Looking at it now, the number of people in the original spirit group was not very many, and they were all from foreign races.

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    But now she was looking at Vuong Han. Before she could tell her husband about this good news, she looked suspiciously at Vuong Han standing in a deserted place. She didn't know why Vuong Han ran to such a place. So. In a planet, is it because how many breaths does this planet have? Indeed there is, but this breath is really not strong, perhaps equivalent to one or two hundred breath points, which for her is also a blessing, but for her husband, it is only one or two hundred breath points. The gas certainly won't keep him standing. here without saying a word, let alone to such a planet from such a distance.

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    But for them, they really feel that their Templar clan is very powerful. Before they came here, they had a thorough understanding of the cause and effect relationship in this matter, and they still subconsciously felt that I'm not wrong, if they are anyone who has never had groups that develop over time, they are also powerless in the face of golden group technology, so if they are given a little time or luck is better, then condensing the talents of your group is not really impossible. With such a subconscious mind, they don't feel that they are very fragile, so can this be considered a good existence?

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    Those were Nuo Qianjin, Feng Shuyi and Wang Xiaowan. These three people were obviously cultivating together in the same room, and their cultivation progress was almost the same, but Wang Han only took a glance, and the cultivation levels of these people This person is like that, neither too high nor too low... It's impossible to say how well one can live in the ancient citadel, but as long as one doesn't go too far, one can still live well.

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    Thinking for a moment, she almost came back to her senses and continued to let the spaceship's cargo begin to jump. For all these years, she had not noticed the spaceship anchored in the starport. This spaceship was the spaceship. boat. came back before Qianqian. To the point that in Nuo Qianjin's eyes, this continuous jumping was already a bit ambiguous. At first, she knew that after each jump, she would return to the planet to see if Vuong Han would return or not, but so what? was the purpose of dancing... She had clearly gradually forgotten it. This is the disadvantage of this type of continuous shuttle. It is estimated that when the spacecraft's energy is used up, causing Nuo Qianjin to stop and jump, she can remember why she did it that year. Let the spaceship jump like that. . But no matter what, she didn't look for Qian Qian, she also didn't know that Qian Qian was piloting this spaceship, she also didn't know that Qian Qian would go looking for Wang Han now, just like she used to. do. time in the past. do the same. Otherwise, even if he doesn't chase the past, it will still give him profound blessings.

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    Very strong! Vuong Han looked at the fisherman through something that looked like glass. The fisherman was only about 15 meters tall, and overall looked very thin and old, but looking at the actions behind the fisherman, he could really feel get the horror of the golden group. This is definitely not a stagnant group. The group's development speed is much stronger than him alone, so like running in parallel, Vuong Han cannot completely defeat everyone. People. group, any attempt to stand up will only result in being thrown further away. So he came... He just wanted to understand through on-site investigation that no matter what channel he used to integrate into the Golden Group's life, at least seeing what other people were doing would have a huge impact. great about your own cultivation.

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    Thinking of this, Vuong Han was curious why the Roja people living in this purple star sea would run to those barren places? And still escaped?

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    The absorption process has officially begun. For Vuong Han, he has experienced what is called a distorted worldview. Although these Roja soul fragments bring powerful power, they are also harmful to the soul. His actions caused a violent commotion. If his soul is a water ball, then these Roja fragments are extremely sharp blades, directly attacking at super speed, the blades are of different sizes, but have only one purpose. , that is, completely destroy the water ball in front of him. Water polo has broken up forever! The only thing Vuong Han can do now is to slow down the opponent's attack speed, and at the same time defend with all his might against this soul-level attack! The symbol of rebirth, the heart of the holy land, and the entire power of the elements could barely hold the last breath of this soul, but if Vuong Han relaxed a little at this moment and suddenly absorbed this power, his soul will be shaken. There is no way to withstand this kind of attack!